Ecologically responsible & sustainable furniture
Cor Quercis Furniture



The Latin word for Oak is “Quercus” and the latin word for heart is “Cor”. Conjugate this and the result is “Cor Quercis”, meaning “Heart of Oak”. In my opinion it can also be translated to “My Heart Oaks”, giving credit to the amount of heart and soul craftsmen put into their work.



Cor Quercis Furniture’s philosophy consists of four cornerstones: ecology, sustainability, craftsmanship & creativity.


Out of these four I think ecology is the most topical. The state of our environment on a global scale is regrettable and yet there isn’t enough initiative to do something about it. I believe that if we make changes in our personal lives the environment (and ultimately humanity) wil benefit from it and the much needed flood of change might finally get started.


Cor Quercis Furniture wants to do its part by only using ecologically responsable materials. This by using only FSC/PEFC – certified wood (, recycled wood and materials that are bio-degradable.


Sustainability also plays a big role in the environment’s downfall. Our society is based on consumption and most things are designed to fail after a time, causing high production rates. These high rates aren’t only met by further destroying the environment but also by lowering product quality and shortening the life span of products.


By using methods in construction that guarantee stability and durability, Cor Quercis Furniture wants to design and build furniture that will last a long time. By reintroducing durability I hope to diminish waste in order to relief some pressure on the environment. Customers will also benefit from this as they’ll be able to enjoy their furniture for a longer period of time.


The last two cornerstones, craftsmanship and creativity, can be merged into one. In our modern economy, arts and crafts are often forgotten. This leads to the loss of emotion that a piece should conjure, as well as the design’s variety and creativity. Cor Quercis Furniture wants to counter this by using old techniques when building a piece of furniture, so the customer gets to experience the true meaning of wood. The design is made on the spot, which leaves room for creativity.


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